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Large chains may be a convenient option for guns and gun ammo supplies. However, their prices can be steep. That's why you should come to Countryside Firearms and Outdoors LLC. We're a local gun store based out of Longview, TX that sells affordable firearms and ammo.

Don't overpay on guns and ammo - drop on by today. Call or text with any questions or looking for something ?? If we don't have it we can get it.



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Try the Countryside Firearms and Outdoors difference

At Countryside Firearms and Outdoors, we take pride in providing high-quality firearms and competitive prices. We stand out from the competition by:

Selling high-quality items at low prices
Offering no buying limits on guns or ammo
Offering appointment options outside regular hours
Placing special orders for items we don't carry

Not sure what type of gun to buy? Don't sweat it! We can help you select the right gun based on your budget and needs. Visit us today to shop our selection of firearms.

Explore our finest firearms and accessories

When shopping at our local gun store, you'll be impressed by our extensive selection of firearms and our friendly customer service. When you need guns or gun ammo supplies, count on Countryside Firearms and Outdoors.

We offer a wide range of:

  • Long barrel guns: Including standard rifles, shotguns and assault rifles.
  • Handguns: Including .357 magnums, .38 specials and 9-millimeter handguns.
  • Accessories: Including shirts, caps, red dots, conceal carry purses and slings.


Need a new knife? We've got you covered! Please note that we comply with all relevant firearm regulations.


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